Balanced mama

A Sane Approach To Balancing Business, Homeschooling & Family

This breakthrough book from Elizabeth Singler is the most comprehensive guide on how mothers can achieve healthy balance in their lives, and continuous balance of family, homeschooling, and business building. 

“A supremely practical book that every mother or wife needs to read. Elizabeth Singler brings you a guide on how to homeschool your kids, run your business, and keep the family healthy.  

-Anne Smith – Wife, Mother, and Owner of Cupcakes House

Free Guidebook: How To Start Homeschooling

Download the Free Homeschooling 101 Chapter of My Book: Balanced Mama

Free how to Homeschool Guidebook

An Easy & Proven How-To Guide To Begin Homeschooling​

This free guidebook from Elizabeth Singler is the best guide for mothers who want to begin homeschooling but don’t know where to start. She will give you the information, resources, and guidance on how to plan, schedule, and execute a successful homeschooling plan.

Free Workbook: Time Strategy

Download the Free Time Strategy Workbook & Start Organizing Your Schedule

free workbook time management for moms

A straightforward guide to help you take control of your time and start gaining peace.

This free workbook shows you how to schedule your busy day in a way that makes sense and is useable. Pre-made templates included inside. This workbook from Elizabeth Singler is a great tool you can put to use today! In less than an hour you can be on your way to carving out a schedule that works for you and the entire family.

Hi, I'm Elizabeth Singler

I’m the author of the new book for wives and mothers, Balanced Mama, which provides women with a guide on how to balance life, business, homeschooling, and family. This newly released book is sure to help answer questions for many women wondering how they will juggle the things of life. 

In addition to writing, I am a stay-at-home mom, wife, and I own and operate multiple businesses. I have been blessed with many things by God and I would love to share what he has taught me through my own life lessons. 

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