Free Guide Book: How To Start Homeschooling

Free How to Start Homeschooling Guidebook

If you are unsure where to begin with homeschooling then you need this free guidebook. It will give you confidence and knowledge on how to start homeschooling successfully. She gives you information, resources, and guidance on how to organize, schedule, and execute a successful homeschooling plan. You’ll learn about important documents, laws, curriculums and daily schedules. You can absolutely start homeschooling. 

Homeschool 101 Will Teach You...

  1. To define your purpose for homeschooling
  2. How to legally protect your family and homeschool
  3. State and local requirements 
  4. How to properly socialize your children
  5. Various elements of curriculum choices.
  6. Younger vs Older children and curriculum needs
  7. Specific curriculums that are excellent for busy families.
  8. What files are important to keep for your homeschool.
  9. Day to Day structure ideas and examples
  10. Ideas for young children during school hours.
    And so much more

More About how this will Teach you how to start homeschooling...

During the recent Pandemic, I became aware of how many parents were deciding to homeschool. So many parents were overwhelmed and desperately searching for information about how to start homeschooling their children. My heart broke for these parents because of the decisions they had to make in a short amount of time.

After much thought and prayer, I decided to give away this free chapter from my book, “Balanced Mama.” I believe it will help new homeschoolers get started and find security in their new homeschool adventure.

When my family started homeschooling, it was a decision that we took very slowly. Even with adequate research, it still took a while to find a groove that worked for us. As a busy mother, wife, and business owner, I needed to create a system that worked for our family.

In this free guidebook, I teach you how to define your purpose for homeschooling. This is important, and you may even want to hang on your wall. I’ll also teach you legal aspects to consider when you start homeschooling and how you can adhere to these laws while keeping your family legally protected at the same time.

State and local laws change in multiple areas. I’ll give you the tools and knowledge you need to find what your local laws are. We will also discuss things to consider regarding state and local testing.

In this guidebook, I offer you all of the information and tips that I have learned about Homeschooling for free.

If you are just starting to homeschool, you may have heard this common myth: homeschoolers aren’t socialized. It’s not true. However, parents need to get their children involved with others regularly. Because of this, in Homeschool 101, I list plenty of examples and ways to socialize your children.

Curriculum is a hard choice, and everyone is different. I explain the fundamentals of curriculum types and what age groups need special attention. I also go into detail about how I choose curriculums and why. As a busy mother and business owner, I have specific things that need to be accomplished with my homeschool, and I teach you all about them.

Some specific files and documents are essential to keep for your homeschool. I share what is important, in my opinion, and what is essential in most states. I also share with you things that I have learned along the way and why I choose to keep more documentation than necessary.

Finally, I end the Homeschool 101 guidebook with a VERY detailed day to day structure of managing my homeschool. Hour by hour, you can see how I fit it into my schedule and how I can also work at least 25 hours per week with my home business.

You’ll learn valuable information here, and I can’t wait for you to tell me all about it! Please share your experience with us at

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Hi, I’m Elizabeth! I’m the author of Balanced Mama, which provides women with a guide on how to balance life, business, homeschooling, and family. This newly released book is sure to help answer questions for many women wondering how they will juggle the things of life. 

In addition to writing, I am a stay-at-home mom, wife, and I own and operate multiple businesses. I have been blessed with many things by God and I would love to share what he has taught me through my own life lessons. 

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